You appreciate Grass Valley EDIUS as a particularly powerful, fast and reliable editing solution?
In cooperation with the German company proDAD GmbH, we now offer additional extensions and plug-ins for EDIUS, which are tailor made for the daily demands of forensic police departments.


  • You would like to print metadata, such as date and time, from any video source (whether surveillance camera, drone or smartphone) anywhere on the screen? The timecode plug-in does the work for you. It has never been easier to create a video documentation showing the original timecode.


  • You would like to optimize the image quality of surveillance cameras at the push of a button and fix camera and drone shake as well as CMOS errors just as easily? For the first time, professional and best stabilization is available as a plug-in for EDIUS working in real time.


  • You wish for a plug-in speeding up the process of viewing surveillance material that had taken you hours or even days? Because often it is only about the one single moment when, for example, a car is being moved, a door is opened, or a window is broken. With the Event Detection plug-in you will be able to save plenty of time simply jumping to the automatically detected moments where an event actually deserves your attention.


  • Often details contribute to the success of an investigation. Be it an illegible lettering, a blurred license plate or a distorted face. In our video of samples, we show you how Forensic can make details visible and readable from a video sequence.


  • Sometimes you wish you had a “super magnifying glass” to better identify objects or people in your video recordings? We show you how Forensic makes this possible.


  • Forensic offers both a highly effective object tracking (combined with an extremely fast workflow. This enables pixilation, blurring or highlighting of objects with circles, arrows, labels, etc., even if working on longer video sequences, in the shortest possible time.


  • You require a court-proof documentation of all processing steps you applied to your video material? If you wish so, Forensic automatically logs all these steps, such as removing the wide-angle distortion, optimizing the contrast or even correcting the white balance. This documentation does not cost you a second of additional working time.

Video showing ProDAD Forensic Suite for EDIUS:

At this point, we can only give you an insight into working with the new EDIUS plug-ins and the advantages of the Forensic Suite. However, you now have the option of requesting a free 60-day full version in order to be able to test the software extensively. Please fill out the form below and we will send you the full 60-day version and an offer without obligation.

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